What Is Sleepfit Medical?


A message from our medical director,

Sleep Fit Medical is a long awaited professional and personal dream of mine.  As a medical student, you prioritize learning the art of medicine with the expectations to improve the quality of life for your future patients and to treat illness in a nurturing manner. The combination of my personal experiences as an athlete, a coach, a fitness trainer and now as a practicing physician have structured Sleep Fit Medical. In Sleep Fit Medical, we integrate evidence-based medical treatment for weight management and sleep disorders with a focus on patient centered care in a relaxed and inclusive environment. We strive to not only give recommendations but to be involved in the process to better health and better sleep as a community.  We understand that sleep disorders and weight management are part of a lifestyle commitment for the patient as well as for the medical provider.  It is for that reason medical supervision and treatment modifications are needed to achieve and maintain excellent health. No matter the extent of your goals, an individualized and medically supervised program would help you get closer to better health. We strive to be personally involved in our patient’s journey, while giving personalized recommendations to bring joy to your process so you can sleep at night feeling fit for life. Sleep well, stay fit and most importantly always reach towards a healthier you.

Thank you for your trust in us.
Rafael J. Sepulveda Acosta, M.D.
Founder & Medical Director, Sleep Fit Medical




What are our goals and beliefs?

  • We strive to do things differently by focusing on the root of most medical ailments related to sleep disorders and obesity-related conditions.  
  • Sleep is essential to health and optimizing the quality of your sleep should be top priority. We want to be able to prevent cardiopulmonary complications, inflammatory processes, cognition deficit and lack of adequate daytime functionality that can be closely related to sleep disorders. We want your sleep to be restful and your daytime activities to be enjoyable as a result. 
  • We strive to apply multiple disciplines of medical weight management to achieve non-surgical weight loss, pre-bariatric surgery weight loss, weight maintenance and post-bariatric surgery weight maintenance.
  • We’re committed to provide our services to promote a healthier community with healthy residents. We are proudly local and care for our Sonoma County community.
  • We are eager to give high-quality sleep medicine & weight management medical care with no judgement, in an inclusive environment and focused on available solutions.
  • We believe that your health is your most important asset. Our sleep medicine and weight management programs are tools to optimize that asset and to improve any pre-existing medical conditions.
  • We believe that setting “small goals” gets us closer to the “ultimate goal”. We want our patients to make informed medical decisions at their own pace but focused on achieving their “ultimate goal”. We are here as a guide to your healthier self.
  • We are here to assist you and to collaborate with your primary care providers and specialists to achieve the best health outcomes possible.


What can I expect?

We offer a variety of services for weight management and sleep medicine. Prior to scheduling your appointment, our staff would contact you to share information about our practice depending on your specific needs. In some cases, a referring provider (primary care physician or specialist) would submit a referral to our office, and you would be contacted once the referral is received.  Once scheduled, you can fill your questionnaires ahead of time in our portal onpatient.com or print them at home and bring it to your visit. On the day of your appointment, the staff will do your onboarding and vital signs prior to seeing the doctor. The doctor will create an individualized short-term and long-term plan.  For more information, go to OUR SERVICES.